Collide Cup

Collide Cup 2018.jpg

Collide Cup is a week-long competition between Grape Creek Baptist Church (Blue Team), The Heights Church (Red Team), and First Baptist Church San Angelo (Green Team).  Each youth group will compete in many challenges and games over the course of 4 nights. Points will be awarded for wearing your team's color, how many students show up, team spirit, and winning competitions.  In the end, the winning team will have bragging rights for a year and will keep the Collide Cup until next summer.  So get excited and invite all of your friends!

On Friday night of the week of Collide Cup we will have a night dedicated just to hangout and fellowship with each other while we watch Nacho Libre.

Every night we will meet at the church at 6pm sharp and then ride together to the church that is hosting that evening's games.